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What is a special report? This is where we take a more in depth look at important issues within the payday loan sector and bring you a fully balanced review of the information, in our usual unbiased and transparent manner.

We look for current issues that are of sufficient interest for a broad range of our readers. Some of the stories may simply be interesting to people visiting our independent authority website searching for detailed education or knowledge about payday loans, but be of little interest to people elsewhere. On other occasions, we will look at stories that have received good coverage in the news, but have not been investigated sufficiently in detail so that an unbiased observer can look at all sides of the story - and make this awareness and communication available to our readers.

For example;

  • We’ll ask why payday loans are required by such a large segment of our population, especially when the banking systems should be in place to help everyone
  • We’ll look back at how the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) have performed in their first year as the current regulator of payday loans
  • What is the balance between exploiting the poor and providing for their financial and social needs?
  • How payday lenders really chase outstanding debts and the effects on the lives of those they chase

There have been a high number of stories that have filled the social media and traditional sources of news, such as television and newspapers. It would be difficult to have looked for information about payday loans and have missed the stories about Wonga.com’s financial choices, Kerry Katona’s personal financial bankruptcies and how Ian Jordan’s mobile received over 1,000 chasing text messages after his death. These will appear over in our News and Comment web pages

We do not impose limits on our special reports. If we need to dig, we’ll dig as deep as we can. In the early coverage of a breaking story, details are frequently sketchy; usually due to the inadequate information that is available at the time. We promise to watch as a tale develops and investigate further to present the details - to show you what really happened.

Secrets of the Special Report Experts! You will see that many of our special reports are written by experts in and around the payday loans industry; professionals who know the difference between fabricated stories and the truth, as well as individuals who are able to present an “outside of the industry” point of view.

Latest Reports

This section of the site is where all the special reports we publish. We hope you find them revealing and informative.

What would you like to see? Please contact us with any special reports you would like us to complete, for the benefit of our readers. We probably cannot agree to every request, but where you call for an issue to be investigated and ask us to present a report about a company or a person that would make a great special for our investigators, we’ll be pleased to oblige.

 They say (whoever they are) that whatever happens in the US follows over in the UK a little later on. This is true of many events and certainly the effects upon society by the availability of payday loans, new financial legislation and the growth of the loan shark market, proves that society has changed during the past deep recession years – and may never return to its former status.

This special report compares how society has changed since the days before the recent recession, when short term loans were often used and required, but have increased significantly since advertising informed more people about their existence. The number of illegal loans may not have changed considerably during the before and after period, but the total amount of business has increased rapidly as more people were forced into the need for a payday loan.

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