This section of the website is where we put things that we think will be of use yet might not be totally related to payday loans. Some of the topics we think will be of most use are the below.

  • Are you entitled to benefits?
  • Could you get money from elsewhere?
  • Money tips
  • Personal budgeting and money planning
  • How much tax are you really paying?

What would you like to see, here? Where we have missed a useful insight into the world of finance, please contact us so we can take a quick look to see what we’re missing. You may have ideas that we’d like to add to this web page to help keep you better informed and entertained.

How is it that your friends always appear to have money left over at the end of the month when their next salary cheque arrives, while you have nothing left the moment you bank yours? It may be all down to their budgeting and planning of their income and expenditure so that they know how they are going to spend their money before it arrives. Do you?

Before you consider taking what looks like the easy way to solve your cash flow problems and organize a payday loan, have you looked at analyzing your own money to see where it goes? The answers may help you avoid a payday loan altogether now or in a few months time. Here are some of the benefits of looking at how you manage your money;

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Our aim, on this Money Tips page, is to help you find ways to increase your income and reduce your expenditure so that you are able to rely less on payday loans or find ways to search for smaller loans as soon as an emergency strikes when you don’t have sufficient funds to deal with the crisis. has been involved with payday loans longer than most companies in the UK, so we are certainly not strangers at seeing people with short-term financial problems and in need of a few great tips for money management.

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When you’re in need of money in a hurry, which is why you have probably turned to a payday loan, have you considered all of the other options that may be open to you? These alternatives may provide you with some (almost) instant cash, instead of turning to a lender, who will charge you interest on your loan?

There is no particular order to selecting these possibilities, because your circumstances may vary considerably to that of another individual. The facility for you to get money from elsewhere, from the list below, will be whichever works best for you.

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Before you complete your application for a payday loan, have you checked to see if you are entitled to any government benefits, grants or handouts from any organisations or charities that can increase your income and reduce your need for a payday loan?

Employed and self-employed individuals are entitled to a range of government benefits and sometimes people are not aware of what exists. You may be surprised at how much money you can earn and still be entitled to some government benefits and if they save you the expense of taking out a payday loan, you will be completing the benefit application that you are entitled to.

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