Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

So, you’re interested in our T&C’s and what we do with your personal info, are you? We are glad to see that you’re taking as much of an interest into it as we do to protect it. On this page, you will find (in as plainer English as we could get our lawyer to muster) exactly what you are agreeing to when you say “I agree”. We will also try to explain, as clearly as possible, how we look after your personal information and protect your privacy. So without further ado let’s get onto the legal stuff; By submitting your details via our online application form and using our services you accept this Privacy Policy and unreservedly consent to the use and disclosure of your personal data in the way described below. Without this consent we are unable to proceed with your application.

Data Use may choose to share or sell the data submitted to us with selected third parties that may be involved in providing the service for you. This may include, but is not limited to, lenders, credit bureaus, customer service agents, and collection agencies.

We are bound by contract, as are all service providers to make sure that your personal information stays safe and secure.

As the designated data controller, we may use any data submitted to us as we see fit. Possible uses of your personal data may include, but are not exclusive to; development and improvement of our products and services, to keep our records updated and current, to identify which, if any, of our other products and services might be of interest to you, to establish any lending and/or insurance risks, to keep you informed of the happening of your loan, for market research and/or statistical analysis purposes, to further enable us to identify, take preventative measures towards and facilitate the tackling of illegal activities such as; fraud, money laundering and other prohibited acts. is responsible for maintaining confidentiality while handling your personal data. Your personal data may be given to third parties for purposes which may include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Obtaining payment and allowing third parties to use the information to enable the smooth operation of our business;
  • Preventing fraud by sharing information through organisations which are able to provide a focused application matching service that it collects from and/or through credit applications or mortgages;
  • To better help you obtain a loan through the proper channels of reputable and licensed credit brokers, should be unable to comply with your request for a loan;

Through the submission of your details and agreement to the terms of this document, you accept and do explicitly consent to our use and/or disclosure of any of your personal data as we see fit. Should we deem it necessary, we may check records about you (and possibly other, if applicable) through;

  • Our own database(s)
  • The database(s) of CRAs (Credit Reference Agencies)
  • The database(s) of FPAs (Fraud Prevention Agencies)


By agreeing to this document you are agreeing that you are a minimum of 18 years of age. If you are a minor you are strictly forbidden from using our service.

Collecting Data

Personal data about you is collected by us in two ways – directly via your online application along with the occasional use of external sources such as credit bureaus and customer service agents.

Contact from and other third parties

When you submit your application you agree to let contact you via SMS and Email. If at any time you wish to stop receiving communications, please follow the instructions provided in the respective communications to unsubscribe. Please note that only third party companies who we trust and respect will be allowed to communicate with you in this way. All third party partners will be forced to comply with and respect your wishes to unsubscribe. However, please note that will not be responsible for mediating any disputes between yourself and any third party partners.


At we respect the need for appropriate management and protection of your personal and financial data. This information is protected by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption – which is demonstrated by the ‘lock’ symbol in the address bar where you submit your personal data. All data is encrypted and accessed via secure web pages. Additional security precautions are in place and we employ firewalls and other such security technologies to protect our servers from external threats.

Any and all security systems we use either meet or exceed industry standards. always monitors industry developments in security and data protection best practices.

As a UK based company we are subject to UK data protection laws, which we comply with in full.

Third Party Links

Throughout our site, you may, on occasion, find links to third party websites. If you decide to follow and visit one of these third party websites, be aware that these websites have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the terms listed on these websites. While we make sure to only work with the most respected and trusted partners in the industry, we cannot be held responsible for their services and/or results of their services, as well as how they choose to represent themselves.

Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs)

In order to minimize the risk of fraud and other criminal activities, we may use credit reference agencies. Once a CRA has received an inquiry from us, or one of our trusted third parties, they will mark your credit file which may then, in turn, be seen by other lenders. They provide us with shared credit information, fraud prevention information and any public information available, which may include the electoral register. will make any checks that it deems necessary to properly assess any and all applications for credit as well as for identity verification purposes in order to better allow us to detect (and therefore prevent) any criminal activities. At times, we may also choose to make periodic inquiries at CRAs and FPAs to better manage your account with us.

Any information provided to us through our application can be sent to CRAs at any time. Once your information has been sent to the relevant CRAs, it may be recorded by them.

Should you choose to borrow from, be aware that we may give your loan(s)/account(s) details and the manner in which you manage it/them to CRAs. Should you see fit to borrow from us and then do not fulfil your repayment obligations in full and on time, CRAs have the ability to document that outstanding debt and possibly, the duration of time that the debt remains outstanding. After this information is recorded with the CRAs, it may then be supplied to other organisations to allow them to perform similar checks and/or to follow your whereabouts and circumstances – hereby providing them with the means to recover any debts that you may owe. After 6 years, any record that remains open and on file, will be closed, irrelevant of whether they have actually been settled by you or defaulted upon.

If you decide to make a joint application or inform us that you have a spouse or other such financial partner, we will link your records with theirs, so it behoves you to have their agreement before disclosing any information about them. Not only will we link your files and records together, but the CRAs will as well and these associations or links will remain on not only your file, but their file as well. Your financial partner may file for disassociation with the CRAs to break any unwanted links.

According to the terms listed in the Data Protection Act of 1998, where permitted, or possibly required by law, your data may be used for purposes other than those for which you give your explicit consent. Should you fill out an application with us, but for some reason, choose not to complete it, we have the right to retain any data submitted to us for as long as we see fit. This is done in order to allow us to proceed with your application should you ever decide to follow through with the loan request at a later date in time. Through the Data Protection Act of 1998, you have the right access certain personal records that we may hold on you. You also have the right to access these records that may be with CRAs and FPAs. You can request this information through what is called a ‘subject access request’ which you can make in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There may be a fee involved with the request for this information, but we will not charge you until you have been informed of all related charges and have agreed to them.

If we have reasonable grounds to suspect you of committing fraudulent acts through your submission of false or inaccurate information, we may pass the information on to FPAs. This information may also be passed on to other organisations that are involved in fraud prevention and/or crime. The Payday Loan Company, as well as any other related organisations, retains the right to access and use any and all such information to prevent fraudulent acts or other unlawful activities.

Should you wish to receive the details of the relevant FPAs, please e-mail us with your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, our access and use of information is not limited to the United Kingdom, we may use information recorded by FPAs from other countries as well.

Data Protection Reg No: Z3508710 - Consumer Credit License Number: 655622