BCCA Consumer Code of Practice

The following report is a quick summary of the BCCA Consumer Code of Practice. We have summarized the golden nuggets to save you some time and keep you informed. If you would like to read the full report please feel free to download it using the link in the top right of this summary. (Recommended if you have credit issues)

Here’s what you need to know about the BCCA;

The BCCA is a trade association which represents members who cash third party cheques or offer unsecured short term loans including pay day loans.

This Code of Practice applies to the following areas of business conducted by BCCA members as follows:


All BCCA members should fully comply with the relevant requirements of this Code of Practice. Members who provide PAYDAY and SHORT TERM LOANS must also comply with the Good Customer Practice Charter and Addendum, which can be found in ANNEX B and C respectively, and due to their relevance and importance we will also be summarizing them.

PaydayLoan.co.uk felt that the following highlights covered the CONSUMER CODE OF PRACTICE at a glance;

Business Standards

Members shall:

- Act fairly in their dealings with their customers.

- Provide a safe and secure place of business.

- Comply with all legal requirements which apply to them.

- Correct any mistakes quickly and courteously and compensate the

Customer for any reasonable losses caused to them.


Members shall ensure that their operational procedures embody the requirements of this Code and relevant staff is fully trained in those procedures.


All advertising and promotional material must comply with the law and be reasonable, truthful and not misleading.


All websites must comply with relevant legislation and contain reference to BCCA membership.

Customer Confidentiality

Members shall observe a strict rule of confidentiality about their customers unless obligated by law and not use customers’ data for marketing purposes without permission.

Information for Third Party Cheque Cashing

Members shall advise the customer of the charges for cashing a third party cheque.

Pre-Contractual Information for Regulated Credit Products

Members shall always comply with all relevant requirements of the current

Consumer Credit Act and must always explain to the customer in clear language, and in writing if requested the terms and conditions of the service and offer help if there is anything which the customer does not understand.


Contracts used by members shall comply with current legislation, and indicate that the BCCA offers a dispute resolution service.

Handling Complaints and Disputes

Complaint procedure must be explained to the customer. It is mandatory for members to deal with complaints and enquiries in accordance with the BCCA written procedure.


A Code Compliance Statement must be completed on an annual basis.


Any breach of this Code of Practice will be dealt with quickly and effectively by BCCA.


Members shall publicly display a BCCA logo.

Annual Report

An annual report shall be produced covering all aspects of the operation of this Code of Practice and be considered by the BCCA Board of Directors.

Code Development

The BCCA is committed to ensuring that this Code of Practice shall remain relevant to real consumer needs.


If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, we would like you to tell

us your concerns. If your complaint involves THIRD PARTY CHEQUE CASHING, or SHORT TERM LOANS OF 6 MONTHS DURATION OR LESS, FOR EXAMPLE A PAYDAY LOAN, you should contact us in any way which is convenient to you, including in person, by telephone in writing or by email.

If you are dissatisfied with the final response from the BCCA, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service for an independent review. You should contact the Financial Ombudsman Service within six months of receiving the final response from the BCCA.

They give the Financial Ombudsman Services’ contact details in the Code of Conduct, but we will include only the email for this summary;

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are in need of any of the services above, PaydayLoan.co.uk advises that you do so as soon as the problem arises.

Here is a summary of ANNEX B - Good Practice Customer Charter

This Charter gives customers enhanced protections when taking out a payday or short-term loan. If you are having problems repaying your loan, lenders will deal with cases of financial difficulty sympathetically and positively and do what they can to help you manage what you owe. If you want to make a complaint, they will tell you about the complaints-handling procedure whenever you ask them to.

They are committed to complying with this Charter and will be independently monitored.

Here are the quick facts of ANNEX C - Addendum to Industry Codes of Practice

This Addendum sets out the enhanced consumer protections for payday and short-term loan customers and sits within or alongside the trade associations’ existing Codes of Practice.

1) Copies of the Charter must be easily accessible to consumers via lenders’ websites or at their business premises (where appropriate).

2) When lending to new or existing customers we will act fairly, reasonably and responsibly in all our dealings with you.

3) When extending the term of your loan (‘rollovers’)

We will:

- only consider extending (‘rolling over’) the term of your loan if you ask us to and after we have reminded you of the risks of extending a short-term loan. If you are in financial difficulties, you should let us know as soon as possible and we can explore new arrangements with you for paying off your debt.

4) Robust credit assessments shall be made and lenders must assess your income, age and how you have handled your financial affairs in the past amongst others.

5) Increased transparency about loan repayments to help customers make better informed decisions and making sure that continuous payment authority is not used inappropriately for those in financial difficulty.

6) Help for customers in financial difficulty

7) Data Protection and Marketing

8) Effective compliance monitoring

9) Rigorous complaints procedures

10) Updates and Twelve Month Review

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