Our Story

Paydayloan.co.uk has been around since 1998, making it probably the longest running company involved in online payday loans! While we began life as probably the first online lender in 1998, we are no longer active in any direct lending activities – you can’t get a payday loan direct from us, but we’ll guide you to the best available. Where you require a payday loan, we can show you the lenders in the marketplace, the deals that are available and which of those lenders are likely to offer you the most appropriate deal for your requirements.

We have successfully helped literally hundreds of thousands of customers over the years. We’d like to think that we’ve been around this long because of our promotion of the following priorities:


In order to be a lender in the UK all loan company’s need a consumer credit licence, if a lender acts irresponsibly then the licence can be taken away. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) was primarily responsible for enforcing this, now it’s the FCA. Over the years we have seen many company’s enter this market and trade in well how shall we put this, rather unprofessional ways! Over the years, the OFT has suspended the licences of a number of payday loan companies for their unethical ways of operating – and frankly, we should all be thankful for this. Paydayloan.co.uk prides itself as one of the industry leaders when it comes to promotion of compliance. We do our upmost to ensure we ONLY work with direct lenders that share our responsible view. We call this our commitment to responsible lending, to see our full policy please follow this link Commitment to Responsible Lending.


You must have heard the saying “The customer is King (or Queen)”. We liked that saying so much that we literally built it into our site!! The more observant of you will probably have noticed the crown in our logo which we strategically put into our branding to always remind you (and us) that we always want to do our best to treat you as the most important person in the world.

Nowadays with so many different lenders of payday loans, it’s easy to just put ‘payday loans’ into your favorite search engine and get bombarded with millions of results. The difficult part can be deciding which payday lender to go with and how to compare them all since it seems as though they are all offering the exact same thing. Paydayloan.co.uk prides itself on not only being one of the oldest payday loans company, but also on our outstanding customer service and support. Minutes after you complete your easy online application form, we submit your details to different lenders of payday loans, allowing you to choose the loan that best fits you! We do not work with companies that SPAM.


One of the other ways in which Paydayloan.co.uk sets itself apart from the rest of the payday loans websites is through our understanding of the speed in which people require their loan. It seems to reason that all payday loans lenders would be fast, but that isn’t always the case. Instant payday loans provided by our verified lenders can be in your account and available for withdrawal within just hours or even minutes!


Due to the short term nature of payday loans in the UK, many online payday loans services feel that they can charge exorbitant rates or fees. At Paydayloan.co.uk, we have a database of over 100+ payday lenders to make sure that we are able to match you with a payday lender who can provide you with your desired loan amount, at a fee that is comfortable for you.

If all of the above weren’t enough to convince you that Paydayloan.co.uk really is the way to go when you’re in a tight spot financially, you should also know that we make sure that the lenders we work with have high approval rates and secure reliable online transactions. We make sure that you get your advance payday loan when and how you need it so you don’t need to stress or worry.


We believe in transparency and it is our aim to present the payday loans industry to you in a clear and concise manner that can easily be understood by anyone needing to make a decision based upon the information available. This is how we operate our website and consistently strive to suggest that lenders and the industry operate with a similar approach.

A sad fact, in this modern age of digital information, is that governments, companies and authorities produce an enormous amount of data, but much of it is designed for them to hide behind, rather than reveal what is simple and necessary to understand.

No doubt you will always prefer and choose to deal with people and entities that are clear and concise, as opposed to those who offer unfathomable financial statements and operate within complex business structures, often designed to keep you from the real truth.

We seek straightforward disclosure and simplicity; so that individuals, who are requiring a loan, requiring detailed industry knowledge and those seeking an education in the subject, can be confident that this website brings access to whatever is required.

fREE impartial resource

We may receive an unbiased affiliate commission from any payday loans that are sourced through this website. We have no reason to suggest one lender against any of the others. We are NOT funded by other third parties who may have an interest in our decision-making process, the results we publish or the education we provide.

We DO accept our website being the centre of intelligence across the general and social media where we supply our extensive industry knowledge to help and responsibly educate consumers and professionals about our business sector.

We want to help you make the right decisions about your loan choices. Only by helping you make the best informed loan decisions, will you find the best deal available to you, not just over the short term, but within your long-term financial and lifestyle planning. 


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