The Two Income Trap

We thought we would look into what was causing the sudden (or what seems sudden) upsurge in what we like to term the "value economy" so that's £1 shops, pawn brokers, money shops and of course payday loans. Well our research might not be as in depth as something you would expect from Oxford or Cambridge but it does show patterns and trends that shed some light on what is going on (Unfortunately the only comprehensive information we could get was mainly US data, as such and due to the fact that the US is also a large Western democracy we thought we would use the US in the research). If you know of any UK reports please email us!

Once we had gathered all the information and it was staring us in the face, we were pretty blown away. This infographic shows us that people are spending a lot more due to the rising costs of basic necessities while earning less than their counterparts in the 1950's. We have talked about this in a few recent news stories; "Utilities To Blame For Rising Cost of Living In The UK", "UK Inflation - The Rising Costs Of Living And Debt", "Broke Brits 2 Weeks After Payday" and "Rising Costs of Petrol & Diesel". Well, I think you might be just as struck by some of these numbers as we were.


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