The rising cost of the Olympics

I think we can all agree that setting a budget and successfully following it is probably one of the most difficult parts of being an adult. Sometimes it just doesn't matter how strictly you adhere to your budget because life is full of surprises and even the most diligent planning can't prepare for everything. Nowadays, it's easy enough to cover an unexpected expense with a wide variety of different loans available to the public, from the regular bank loans to payday loans.

So, what happens when it's an entire country?

With the 2012 Summer Olympics fast on our heels, we thought that we would look at how some of the countries that have hosted the big games in the past have stuck to their budget, or not - as you'll soon see. We'll also take a look at what the 2012 Olympics is expected to cost and how it will be the most expensive games to date!

The rising cost of the Olympics

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