The Economics of Marriage & Divorce

Ever wondered to yourself what some of the benefits of marriage are? Well, you're not alone! We also thought that it would be interesting to look at some of the advantages of having a two parent household versus a one parent household - but strictly from a financial point of view. Now, we also thought it would be best to focus on just the United States because according to the latest statistics, the US has the highest rate of marriage amongst developed nations and the second highest rate of divorce (just after Russia).

The US is also one of the largest and most diverse Western populations in the world and can often times be an excellent gauge of trends in other parts of the world as well, even the UK. After reading all of the findings that we've compiled about the kind of opportunities that 2 parent households can offer their children in comparison to a 1 parent household, you might be very surprised.

The Economics of Marriage and Divorce

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