The Cost of Living on Mars

 80,000 people living on Mars in 20 years is EASILY achievable! Wow that’s quite a statement, right? Well we have done the maths and the numbers actually do stack up. It’s hard to believe but just take a look at our research below and you can see how we came up with the above.

With the recent announcement from Dennis Tito and the Inspiration Mars Foundation that they are going to send a Man (sorry I mean married middle-aged couple) to Mars. Is now the time where we are going to start to see some real exploration of space again? 

As Mars was in the news a lot we decided to do this graphic about the cost of living on the planet, we did it more for a bit of fun really. Well the Discovery channel picked up on it and loved it so much that they decided to do a spot on it for TV. You can see the video of it above.



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