Baconomy: the Art of Bacon Barter

OK so just a few days ago we got wind of something pretty strange that was going on that we just had to share with you all. Well every primary school kid knows what bartering is, you know I’ll swap this toy car for a bag of marbles and your Pokémon sticker collection etc. I guess most of us stop doing this after school but not a crazy American called Josh.

Well Josh Sankey is taking it to an all new level. He was given 3,000lb of packaged bacon (they call a packet of Bacon a Bacon Brick over in the USA). Yes BACON and told to get from New York to Los Angeles using ONLY BACON to barter with (yea bacon barter)! We loved the concept so much we thought we would share some of the crazy facts and crazy deals that Josh has done to date by mashing it all up into a cool graphic for you.

I guess this is going to give a whole new meaning to the term “save someone's bacon” 


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