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Why Us?

OK, so what’s this site all about?

OUR ONLY GOAL: is to provide the most comprehensive, impartial and FREE resource site for anything and everything to do with payday loans in the UK.

  • If you’re looking for who offers the best payday loan “We Got it!
  • If you want more facts on payday loans “We Got it!
  • If you want to know why the fees and costs of payday loans seem so high “We Got it!
  • If you have a problem with your loan or lender and need help “We Got it!
  • If you’re researching an article on payday loans and are looking for statistics and data “We Got it!

Well you get the idea...

Why You can TRUST us

While we began life as the first online lender in 1998, we are no longer active in any direct lending activities – you can’t get a payday loan direct from us, but we’ll guide you to the best available. Where you require a payday loan, we can show you the lenders in the marketplace, the deals that are available and which of those lenders are likely to offer you the most appropriate deal for your requirements.

We believe in complete transparency and target to bring you a balanced view about everything happening in payday loans; exposing the positive and negative aspects of this prolific industry. We do not hide anything. We believe that where more information is available about payday loans, individuals and those seeking knowledge about the marketplace can make better informed decisions about loans and industry background.

As the main independent resource site in the UK for anything to do with payday loans and as you would probably expect over the years we have collaborated with or had articles featured on some very prestigious websites. Some of the most notable are shown below.

forbes National Geographic Wired Discovery

If you are a Journalist or Researcher and you would like to have a point of contact in the payday loans sector to help with your articles we would love to hear from you.

Who's this site for?

YOU – whoever you are – and for whatever your reason is for looking at payday loan websites.

We aim to bring you all of the critical information you need along with resources, tools and strategies that can help you:

  • CUSTOMER - We will help to find a suitable loan for your own immediate needs. We will also tell you all the pros and cons of taking out a laon
  • JOURNALIST - We will supply you with your content if your search is for accurate information to write about the payday loan industry as a journalist or feature writer
  • REASERCHER - This website will become your number one source of specific detail about loans, lenders, the law and data to prove your case

As we state above our site has the goal of been the most comprehensive, impartial and FREE resource site for anything and everything to do with payday loans in the UK. To help us achieve this goal we have specifically focused on three types of user of the site.

If you are one of the above then below we have attempted to save you some time by summarising what we feel are the key facts and key pages we feel will be most relevant to you on this site. You can find thease below on our QUICK LINKS. We want to try to provide as much balanced information as possible on the payday loans sector. We hope the site helps you and feel free to drop us an email if you feel we have missed anything off.



We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people in your shoes; you need money and you want it now. Well, you’re in the right place, but before you rush in we would like to ask you to stop - and like with all financial products -ask you to make sure you fully understand the product you are looking to take out.

To start with, we think the most important thing, as a customer looking to take out a payday loan, is that you fully understand the facts around them. So what is a payday loan? Who takes them out and what do customers actually think? Click here to answer those questions. Then, we think you will probably want to know what are the typical costs of a payday loan and why do they seem to have such high APR rates? (On that topic; what even is APR?). You can click here to answer those questions.

Next we feel the most important thing is for you to fully understand the Law and know what your rights are. Click here to visit that that section.

Next you are likely to want to know who the key lenders are and what the typical fees and costs that they charge are. See our A-Z of top lenders. Also, you are likely to want to know if you have any alternatives to payday loans available to you. To help explore your options on that topic click here.

If you have followed our list so far, then by now you are pretty clued up on payday loans and you will know if you want to take one out or not. Assuming you do, then we feel it’s pretty important that you FULLY understand your lender agreement. This way you will know all the financial commitments you are agreeing to. Click here to see our guide that helps you walk easily through your lender agreement.

If things are not going according to plan, you will likely ask; What if things go wrong and I can’t pay? What should I do if I want to complain to my lender? Click here to see our guide that helps answer those questions.

Finally, if major debt is plaguing you and the reason you are looking for a payday loan is so that you can buy some more time or kick the problem into the grass for a little longer, then we urge you NOT to take out a payday loan. Instead we have a section of the site that is dedicated to helping you. We also recommend a number of FREE debt charities on that page (Click here to visit it). Once you feel you have things under control we also have a section designed to help you earn more money (Click here to visit it) and one to help you see if you are entitled to any FREE money via government benefits or grants (Click here to visit it).



We understand your role as someone who investigates, collect and presents detailed information as a news story or feature article, editorial or opinion leader. You have to work to deadlines and require a source to provide with specific details and data so you can present your piece so that it can be relied upon to present the news in a well rounded and completely objective manner whether you are acting as a reporter, conducting interviews and collating sources. We understand how you may need to report to a sub editor, editor or news editor and deadlines apply!

Where you are completing a feature article about the payday loans sector, you may need further background for your story and more in-depth research for your information. Our website will provide you with a vast range of information and data on payday loans and should there be anything you wish to follow up on, and can’t find it, please ask, because we may be in the process of adding further information to help you gain the necessary accuracy for your article – such is our desire to consistently seek more and further detailed information, results and data, about payday loans.

Diverse areas of media (radio, magazines, television, newspapers and social media,) provide a wide range of information in different formats, for both the general public and media readers. We can provide you with help and assistance in locating truthful and precise information to match your specific requirements - however this may present a perceived focus on value and accuracy for the industry.

Our independence is vital to us. You can consider this website as your help desk. Where there are any proven facts, figures and information that you require for your publication, you can trust the verified information available across this website. Please think of us as the single best authority website on the subject and your first choice of resource.

  • If consumers wanted government statistics, they could go to
  • When you want facts about comparing ISA accounts, business banks accounts or pensions, you might choose or
  • To compare utility options,
  • When you want to compare and understand payday loans, select

We consistently attempt to bring any relevant payday loan information, data, press releases and facts and figures to this website so that you can user us as a one-stop location to authenticate whatever you are looking for and to provide the information that you intend to publish elsewhere.

From here you can go to:

  • An overview of the industry
  • Law and regulation.
  • Research and data.
  • News and comment
  • Special reports
  • Related news
  • Resources

Where you use any information that is freely available from our website, we would ask that you are always attribute our website address in your publication, as your professional resource.



We understand the need to search for the truth; to dig deep to get the answers to your specific questions. The public deserve to know the truth without any signs of transparency of truthful information being broken. The payday loans sector is rife with skewed statistics, we aim to help balance that.

From the simplest enquiry to detailed development and research, we aim to provide you with all of the mechanisms necessary so that you can fulfil your obligations. Be that helping University research study on payday loans or just providing the statistics for an essay on them.

By recognising that researching improves your problem-solving skills and challenges yourself in a variety of ways, not all research is presented with a scientific approach. You may be interested in the social and political effects upon society, or it may be the technical data that allows you to choose your tools to gather and analyse the data available.

When your choice is to investigate market research we will guide you towards the truth with real consumer reactions and interactions so that you can present your findings to clients, prospects, or your specific market and target requirements.

As you consider your marketing message, our vast variety of articles will allow you to compare your branded messages with the reality of what your audience is hearing from a collection of all sources. As a researcher, you may be a college or University student completing your thesis for a degree or qualification; You can be rest assured that the information, resources and data we provide will be good for your lecturers to be impressed and appreciate the accuracy of your work.

You can study many subjects in the financial services industry, and we are aware that the payday loans subject is often presented as an ill informed and misunderstood trade. Within your planning, you will have defined your research and set your achievable aims. Our website aims to provide a vast range of resources for you to carry out and complete your task.

Whether the research you require is for firsthand knowledge, detailed data or statistical evidence, our extensive supply of background knowledge will provide you with most, if not all that you require to meet your research brief. We have grouped together feature articles which further explain the history of the payday loans marketplace, how it stands now and our and other expert opinions of how the industry is changing in the future.

Where you simply seek to be educated about the payday loans industry, we offer you a wide variety of articles and specific facts that are designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to become an expert in your chosen area.

From here you can go to;

  • The facts about payday loans
  • A-Z of lenders
  • News and comment
  • Reserch and data
  • Law and regulation
  • Research and data you like
  • Special reports
  • Recources

Where you feel we are unable to answer any of your questions, please contact us (insert link) and make your enquiry so that we may return to you with our response, which will be added to our website to help others and for the greater good.

So What's going on

We have covered quite a bit on this page so far. This section contains a feed of a very small selection of the latest articles we have done that cover the general payday loans sector, the law, regulation and trade associations within the sector along with news articles that we have seen in the press that we think our readers might like.

Comparing US & UK capped rates

Comparing US & UK capped rates

Industry Overview Richard - avatar Richard

US payday loans are a decade ahead of the UK in terms of legislation and proposals that affect the consumer of choice, but with further changes in UK law due in 2015, will the UK laws finally catch up...

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BCCA Consumer Code of Practice

BCCA Consumer Code of Practice

Law & Regulation Jim Cook - avatar Jim Cook

The following report is a quick summary of the BCCA Consumer Code of Practice. We have summarized the golden nuggets to save you some time and keep you informed. If you would like to read the full rep...

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Summary of 2014 FCA legislation

Summary of 2014 FCA legislation

Law & Regulation Jim Cook - avatar Jim Cook

There are many aspects of the 1st April, 2014, (effective 1st July, 2014) updated legislation, that are designed to help the consumer, but some ‘help’ has resulted in other potential problems. The ov...

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Finance and Leasing Association (FLA)

Finance and Leasing Association (FLA)

Law & Regulation Jim Cook - avatar Jim Cook

The FLA trade association confirms that its members provided almost £90 billion of new finance in 2013, but it would be misleading to regard this as payday loan business, as only one member, Wonga Gro...

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Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA)

Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA)

Law & Regulation Jim Cook - avatar Jim Cook

As one of the earliest trade associations recorded in history, they have been in operation since 1891, but obviously payday loans only become part of their members’ products and services, within the l...

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Consumer Finance Association (CFA)

Consumer Finance Association (CFA)

Law & Regulation Jim Cook - avatar Jim Cook

“Responsible lenders don’t lend to those unable to pay back ,” is how the Consumer Finance Association website opens on their homepage. They also suggest that you “should pause and think before you bo...

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British Cheque Cashers Association (BCCA)

British Cheque Cashers Association (BCCA)

Law & Regulation Jim Cook - avatar Jim Cook

The British Cheque Cashers Association, formed in 1994; acts as a trade association for financial services firms who list their trade as one or more of; Payday loans, Instalment loans, Guarantor loans...

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That’s all folks... OK so what we really mean is that’s all for the latest articles we have done that cover the payday loan industry, law and regulation within the industry and relevant news articles on payday loans we think you will have found of interest. Go and take a look around the site and let us know if you feel we have missed anything.

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